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March 14, 2011 / The Green Scene

Share the Earth, Share a Bike!

Are you buying a car this spring? Save on gas and pump up the tires on your bicycle to use it as your new means of transportation. You will be exercising as well as lowering the pollution in your local area.

Take a look at the BIXI bicycles in Montreal! Take it to work, to school or even to shop around downtown Montreal. Bicycling around the city is a healthy, cost effective and eco-friendly alternative mode of transportation. Make the obvious choice this spring, when the BIXI will be installed for use in May.

How does it work?

  • Go to the BIXI station nearest you.
  • Put your credit card in the machine to pay – click here for rates.
  • Take your assigned bike out by unlocking the stand.
  • And enjoy the ride!

When your done, just bring the BIXI to the nearest station around the city. If you need to run a quick errand, the first 30 minutes on the bike is free.

By having more BIXI users around the city, the overall air pollution from car’s exhausts will be diminished. Now it’s your turn, Westmount, to think of something as innovative, creative and ecologically friendly as the BIXI.

Here is a video of what NOT to do with a BIXI.

Have you tried the Bixis in Montreal? What do you think of them?

Have fun, keep the air clean, and don’t forget your helmet!

-Melissa O.


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