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March 19, 2011 / The Green Scene

Is ‘Green’ Just a Trend?


Photo by Andy Singer

Have you been wondering if sustainability is just a fad? We have all seen a dramatic increase in the use of eco-friendly buzzwords and popularity of keeping everything ‘green’. But will sustainability become just another meaningless word used in our everyday lives?

Some might say that people are just following along in the ‘eco-friendly’ movement. Andrew Winston founder of Winston Eco-Strategies and author of “Green to Gold” thinks otherwise.

He feels that consumers and retailers alike are demanding sustainable practices from the products they buy and from the methods used in manufacturing.

The greatest demand Mr. Winston says comes from the consumers themselves. These types of conscious consumers “want it all, they want price and quality.” He believes that consumers want to know where the product came from, what its energy use is, and if it is non-toxic.

Mr. Winston feels that companies must gives consumers what they want at the same price and quality but they have to give them the sustainable attributes.

It is very clear that sustainability is not just a trend that will fade away like the colors of the season. Sustainability will become a new way of living, and this transformation starts with us; the consumers.

Continue to follow the Westmount EcoSquad throughout our movement towards a sustainable lifestyle. You’ll be able live ‘greener’ in no time!


Melissa I.



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