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March 20, 2011 / The Green Scene

What Does Green Mean to You?

Great misconception #1: Going “green” may sound like the latest trend to you. It seems as though in today’s day and age everyone is doing environmentally friendly things because it’s the “in” thing to do, as if it’s a fad.

Great misconception #2:  That having a 0 carbon footprint = not driving, using electricity only in the most crucial of times, and tree hugging?

The definition of being environmentally friendly is “to minimize harmful impact on the natural world”.  So, it’s not a fad, its here to stay! Our environment has gotten substantially worse over the years, and it’s up to us to slowly bring it back to what it was! Nowhere in this definition does it state that being an environmentally friendly person means tree hugging with no electricity and protesting (phew!).

Whatever small amount each person can do, can mean making our world a slightly more pleasant place to live. Each person, depending on their lifestyle, will have their own definition. For some that may mean car-pooling to work, recycling, & using biodegradable ingredients. For others, that may mean only taking public transportation, and having geo-thermal heating. Whatever you choose to do, is completely up to you.

With that said…what does green mean to you?


Tiffany A.


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